Submit Nominations for Board-Appointed Positions


The Deadline is Friday, February 14, 2025

Are you interested in serving on an ASHRAE standing committee/body?

Assistance is needed in identifying qualified members to serve on our Society’s appointed standing committees/bodies for the 2025-26 Society Year.

One-third of the members of most committees rotate off each year; additionally, a new chair and vice chair must be appointed.   

Standing committee/body vacancies include the following:

  • Audit Committee (must be a current BOD member)
  • Certification Committee
  • Conferences and Expositions Committee
  • Development Committee 
  • Communications Committee
  • Environmental Health Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Government Affairs Committee (at-large members) 
  • Historical Committee
  • Honors and Awards Committee
  • Planning Committee
  • Training and Education Committee
  • Publications Committee
  • Refrigeration Technology Committee for Comfort - Process - Cold Chain
  • Residential Buildings Committee
  • Savings and Investment Committee (401K)
  • Society Rules Committee
  • Global Technical Interaction Committee

We ask that you verify with each candidate that they are willing to serve if appointed before submitting their name. All information you submit will remain confidential. Job descriptions for the committees are located at the following link: Job Descriptions

Please add your comments on each candidate you recommend to provide additional insight as to why your candidate is well qualified and able to serve on the particular committee.  Please nominate yourself if you would like to be considered, or if you are rotating off of a committee and would like another assignment.  Except in special circumstances, it is preferable for a member to serve on only one Society standing committee at a time.

Members who are appointed will be notified in April.

For Your Information:  If you wish to nominate individuals to serve on grassroots committees, please submit your recommendations through your region. Thank you considering appointment to a standing committee and for giving of your time, talent, and expertise on behalf of ASHRAE.

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